Stylist Magazine: LIC is one of the best alcoholic popsicles!

Summer's not too far away now and Stylist magazine have it firmly in their sights! They have written some very nice things about us in their article, more of which you can read here. Enjoy! more

The story continues, you can now order online!

Welcome to the first LIC monthly blog post! We’ve come a long way in the two years we’ve been going and we’re keen to show you what gets on behind the scenes of a disruptive alcoholic drinks start-up! For those... more

The Mulled Wine Festival

 What do you get when you cross a frozen cocktail company with winter in the UK? It sounds like the start of a rubbish joke or the start of a David Attenborough documentary but don’t worry, it’s not! We’re not... more

LIC: The Beginning...

LIC was dreamt up in January 2013 by Harry’s mum, Maureen. Sitting on the scorching beach in Miami, desperate for a Piña Colada, she uttered the now immortal statement: “I wish I had a Piña Colada on a stick”. Harry... more